All Poetry Radio is an Internet radio station specializing in poetry readings, interviews of poets, news from poetry publishers, poetry book reviews, and more. It was launched in May 2017 and went “on the air” June 4, 2017. It is ad-free and listener-supported through generous donations.

We are proud to partner with the podcasts Poetry Spoken Here, On Poetry, So… Poetry?, and others. In addition, we feature readings of both classic and contemporary poems, many read by the poets themselves.

All Poetry Radio is hosted and produced by Gregory Short. He originally conceived the idea in or around 2013, and it was to be called “Poetry Aloud”. Domain squatters latched onto the domain name, however, so Short proceeded with the name All Poetry Radio.

Short has a background in web design and development, and his relatively recent passion for writing poetry was the catalyst necessary for launching the station. In a related project, he has also started his own chapbook publishing company, Wren Deluxe.