All Poetry Radio is listener supported. Through the generous actions and donations of people like you, we continue to grow. We offer listeners hours of ad-free entertainment at no cost, and poets a virtual stage to have their voice heard… literally.

Future Plans

We have a number of goals and plans for the future. With your help, these will include:

  • more content
  • live programs
  • APR-sponsored events
  • listener participation (e.g. a toll-free caller line) Got it!
  • greater capabilities (e.g. unlimited listeners)
  • fun merchandise
  • contests & giveaways
  • and more!

In addition, we have regular weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses necessary to keep us online. Some of these include our domain name, website hosting, and Internet radio software.

Your Actions Help

Here are just a few ways you can help by taking simple actions:

  • tell your family, friends, and fellow poetry lovers about our website
  • share our website on social media
  • use the #allpoetryradio hashtag
  • submit your own poetry
  • call our listener line: (800) 293-5655
  • keep listening!

Your Donations Help

We are grateful for donations of any amount. Make a one-time donation, or even small monthly donations. Every little bit helps! We are working on rewards for donors, such as giveaways and exclusive programming. A donation now could result in rewards in the very near future. Please donate now, if you can.

If you prefer, you can also help us by shopping at one of our partners below. Even pennies add up to dollars!

Regardless of how you help, just know that it is truly appreciated… and necessary to keep All Poetry Radio online for you to enjoy.